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Please help Teckels, says Stroud MP


Stroud MP Siobhan Baillie has put out an appeal for residents to support a local animal charity that rehomes abandoned cats and dogs.

Siobhan visited Teckels Animal Sanctuary in Whitminster and met centre manager Sarah Johnson, kennels operations manager Georgia Hemming, Logan the cat and Dougie the French bulldog.

The charity, set up in 2003, never puts a healthy animal down and looks to find forever homes for the animals. Logan now has that home but Dougie is still looking for one.

The charity on the Bristol Road has been busy with its daycare services due to people buying animals in lockdown, but sadly some families are now unable to look after pets for a range of reasons.

“Teckels does a brilliant job making sure abandoned pets or the pets that owners cannot look after anymore are rehomed,” said Siobhan.

Siobhan Baillie Dougie | Please help Teckels, says Stroud MP
Siobhan with Dougie the French bulldog

“Some of the animals have had a difficult past and need rehabilitation but lockdown has also become an issue. It’s important to stress again that people should only get a pet if they have the time to look after it.

“Teckels said it could do with more support for the animals and any donation is welcome, so I am putting out the appeal to help this important local charity.

“I am also pleased to say Teckels’ Family Fun Weekend is on August 14th -15th from 10am-3pm at Fromebridge Mill Pub in Whitminster. I hope as many people as possible will go along and support it.”

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