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Update: ‘dangerous’ road scheduled for repairs


Residents of Claypits Lane, near Lypiatt, were so concerned about the state of their road they held an action day on Wednesday to warn users of its dangers.

The residents set up an action group – Claypits Lane Action Group (CLAG) – and protested on the road at its worst corner, near Heavenswood Cottage.

Spokesperson Karen Thomas said: “We have been forced to take action as we have been asking the Highways Department of Gloucestershire County Council to improve the road surface for years now. When they did start repairs on the road 18 months ago, they made it worse.

DSC03705 | Update: ‘dangerous’ road scheduled for repairs
The road surface in Claypits Lane, near Lypiatt.

“Residents feel they have been fobbed off with excuses about why the work has not been done, despite it being told it was in the budget for the last two years. They were even told that resources had been re-allocated for the Tour of Britain cycle race,” added Karen.

“We really feel the Council – who ironically have their own Countywide Cycle Improvement initiative – are prioritising publicity over the safety of their own council tax paying residents.

“We are concerned there is a serious threat of injury to road users – the surface of the road is absolutely hazardous. It is also costing us money as we are having to buy new tyres at an alarming rate, one resident’s suspension on their vehicle recently had to be replaced. Six taxi companies refused to come out to one resident’s elderly mother. More worryingly, an ambulance recently couldn’t make it up the Lane to an emergency call at the Heavens.”

Jason Humm, Director of Transport and Highways at Gloucestershire County Council, said: “We appreciate the patience that residents have shown in awaiting this resurfacing work. Due to Claypits Road being very narrow and steep, we have been working hard to agree a safe working method for the resurfacing.

“The resurfacing work on Claypits Lane is now scheduled to start on 26 September and is expected to be completed by 30 September.

“We have undertaken regular inspections of the road and made repairs when required to ensure it remained safe.”

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