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Life after Freedom Day: screens and hand sanitiser will remain


Every business was relieved to know we are entering a period of eased COVID-19 restrictions when the announcement was made regarding changes on July 19th, writes Stroud Chamber of Trade Chairman Tony Davey.

A recent survey carried out by the Stroud Chamber, indicated there will be no change to their provision of hand sanitizer and screens will remain.

The interests of businesses we work with continue to be safety at the forefront – safety of team members and safety of customers alike.

Whilst some businesses may choose to drop some measures, others will likely be maintaining some – as the size of premises and the needs of the workers and customers may dictate a more cautious approach is needed. This means their team may continue to wear face coverings for longer, and some may ask their customers to wear them too.

With such a likely mix of different implementations of the guidance, the chamber is communicating one, simple message … respect.

To help bring a standard to businesses, so customers know more easily what to expect, a new generation of posters has been produced.

One easily sets the scene at an entry point and, it is hoped, will ensure everyone has a better understanding of the measures implemented within the business. A separate poster is available for the most contentious of issues – face coverings for customers – as this is where the largest range of difference and uncertainty exists.

Meanwhile, new posters can be accessed from the Welcome Back Toolkit and are free for any business to print and use. These can be accessed at StroudChamber.org.uk/coronavirus.

Businesses are working as hard as ever to provide a safe experience for their customers. They need the co-operation of their customers to help ensure everyone is comfortable and safe in their surroundings. 0?ui=2&ik=c5f3c1ab36&attid=0.1 | Life after Freedom Day: screens and hand sanitiser will remain0?ui=2&ik=c5f3c1ab36&attid=0.1 | Life after Freedom Day: screens and hand sanitiser will remain

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