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Six things you didn’t know about Stroud Hospitals League of Friends


1. Over the last two years Stroud Hospitals League of Friends donated more than £1m to Stroud General Hospital, the Maternity Hospital, Weaver’s Croft, and several voluntary sector agencies that deliver a variety of health services in the Stroud area.

2. Over the ‘Covid years’ the League of Friends supported 25 local organisations with grants totaling £220,000 in recognition of the extra demands upon their services resulting from the pandemic. 

3. The League has a special longer-term relationship with Horsfall House, Minchinhampton, funding each year a free respite bed for those registered with local GPs. 

4. The League has committed to cover the annual cost of the ‘Hope for Tomorrow’ cancer treatment mobile unit at Stroud Hospital each week, again on a longer-term basis. 

5. The League contributed £515,000 towards the major refurbishment of the soon-to-be-completed Minor Injuries and Illness Unit (MIIU) and Jubilee Ward, as well as more than £150,000 in specialist equipment, etc.

6. This, and much more, have been achieved by aggregating the generous donations made to the League of Friends by local people, and the League being able to target those donations effectively.

For more information contact info@stroudleagueoffriends.org or visit www.stroudleagueoffriends.org

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