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Sounds of Stroud featured on new vinyl release


Stroud record shop Sound Records released their first record on their new record label on Friday, October 1st. 

Patched In: Sounds of the Stroud Underground is a compilation of local electronic acts and is a fundraiser for The Prince Albert pub in Rodborough.

Amongst artists featured on the vinyl only release are Blancmange singer Neil Arthur, up-and-coming female jazz act Mermaid Chunky and local hauntologists Orbury Common. Other acts include the glitchy hip hop of Fidel Cutstro and neo-disco of Wooolheads. Sleeve notes for the release have been written by music journalist Rupert Howe.

Patchedin record sleeve | Sounds of Stroud featured on new vinyl release
Record cover designed by Adam Hinks

All funds raised will go to the Prince Albert pub which, for many years, has supported the Stroud music scene and which was hit hard by the pandemic.

Tom Berry of Sound Records said: “For many years Stroud’s exceptional music scene has been a best kept secret. With this record we hope to reframe expectations of what can be achieved in a rural setting.”

Sean Roe, co-founder of Sound Records said: “Covid has hit the music industry very hard and this is our opportunity to support the local music scene.”

Sound Records was established in 2018 and shortlisted for Britain’s Best independent shop in 2020. The tracks from the record can be listened to and the record purchased here 

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