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Steampunk Saturday captured on film


In addition to his usual digital camera, Stroud Times photographer Matt Bigwood took a vintage film camera to last year’s Stroud Steampunk Saturday to take these pictures.

img252 | Steampunk Saturday captured on film

He used a 1959 Rolleiflex twin-lens reflex camera, loaded with Ilford HP5 black and white film, to take these portraits.

DSC00217 | Steampunk Saturday captured on film
Matt Bigwood with his 1959 Rolleiflex camera. Picture: Hannah Bigwood.

This year’s Steampunk Picnic Party in the Park takes place tomorrow at Stratford Park and includes events such as Hobbyhorse Dressage, Tea Duelling and (small) cheese rolling on a (small) hill in the courtyard of the Museum in the Park.

img259 | Steampunk Saturday captured on film

Tickets are available for evening performances, including live acts Madam Misfit, Ominous Folk of Hopeless Maine and Victor and the Bully.

Fore more details visit http://stroudsteampunk.weebly.com

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