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Stonehouse Climate Fair: a chance to find out what you can do to ‘green’ your lifestyle 


Stonehouse Climate Fair will take place on Sunday, April 3 at the Stonehouse Community Centre from 11 am until 3 pm.  

There will be stalls with information on different aspects of lessening your environmental impact, including energy use, food, transport, home cleaning, trees, and gardening for wildlife. 

Entry is free and Stonehouse in Bloom will be providing refreshments in aid of their funds. Everyone is welcome, so call in for a cup of tea and a cake and maybe buy some local food or plants.  

The event is organised by Stonehouse Community Climate Action Forum and funded by Stonehouse Town Council. 

Carol Kambites, Deputy Mayor of Stonehouse, said: “We all need to do our bit to combat climate change but it is often difficult to know what is the best thing to do. We are very pleased to be able to repeat this popular event, first held in 2020. We are hoping that this year it will be bigger and even better.” 

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