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Stonehouse fostering agency shares Christmas moments to inspire others to consider fostering


A Stonehouse fostering agency, Fosterplus, is sharing magical moments from foster parents to inspire more people to help children and young people find a positive and secure home.

Across England and Scotland, Fosterplus, an independent fostering agency based in the UK, will be providing support and care to over 200 children and young people this winter.

Foster parents play a vital role in looking after some of society’s most vulnerable children and young people and during a time of togetherness, Fosterplus is calling on potential foster parents in the nearby area to open up their homes to make a magical difference.

One foster parent who has been with the Fosterplus family for 15 years said one of their favourite Christmas memories has been: “Taking an 8-year-old who was a ‘non-believer’ to Lapland for the day to meet the real Father Christmas.

“It brought a tear to my eye and a lump in my throat when I heard him take a sharp intake of breath and saw him well up. It truly was magical and he certainly left as a believer. We have done it a few times now over the years, but it is so heartwarming knowing these memories will last a lifetime.”

In terms of advice, one foster parent shared: “Slow down and just enjoy the simpler things with the children. Watch a kids Christmas movie on the sofa with them, sing along with Christmas songs, it will fill your cup up.”

For another foster parent, Christmas is a time to be together and said: “Watching a child’s anticipation for Christmas and involving them in planning and decision making is really rewarding and intimate which helps bonding within the family.”

No two children are the same. One foster parent said: “Every child is different depending on their background. Children are usually very excited at this time of year and love to receive presents, but Christmas can also bring bad memories as well.

“My foster son did have a bad experience on Christmas day, and resulted in flashbacks. He was unable to sit down to a Christmas dinner and had meatballs every Christmas for seven years in a row. I am pleased to say we have turned this around and can now eat the same as the family. The best advice is to be yourself and treat foster children the same as your own.”

Fosterplus is an independent fostering agency who currently take care of children and young people across England and Scotland.  

For more information about becoming a foster parent, call the friendly team on 0800 369 8512. Please click here: https://www.fosterplus.co.uk/offices/stonehouse/

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