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Stroud author sets out to debunk the myths of the ‘new normal’


Stroud-based business leader, Dave Coull, has published a co-authored leadership book debunking the myths of the ‘new normal’ and setting out what he claims is a challenging and opinionated book about preparing businesses for future difficulties.

Coull, who previously served as an executive director of a multi-media business and is presently the managing director of Bristol-based company, Stage Electrics, co-authored the book with friends and business colleagues William Rogers and Jonathan Bradley who have a hundred years of leadership and business experience between them.

“We all had to think about what we’d do during the pandemic and the three of us decided that we’d write the kind of book we wished we’d all had the opportunity to read as we started out on our leadership careers,” said Coull.

“The constant refrain of the new normal is one we don’t believe best sets out the approach necessary to lead a business through challenging and difficult times. It all starts way before the tough times arrive and both readiness and the right people approach through cultural rigour are the best ways for a leader to be no normal ready.”

Coull argues that any business leader will be better placed to confront and deal with the temporary “new” if they are “ready” and have, at the heart of their thinking, a dynamic and people-focused approach.

“Culture and approach is key. This book sets it out in eight targeted areas.”

Available through Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

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