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Stroud Community Independents launch election campaign


Dear Editor,

Stroud District Community Independents have been at the heart of the District Council’s decision making since the group was formed in July 2022.

Cllr Doina Cornell is the current Chair of Council. Cllr Robin Layfield is Vice Chair of the Environment Committee and Cllr Trevor Hall is the Vice Chair of Community, Services and Licensing Committee.

Over the past three years Community Independents have been involved in every major decision of council, from work on the canals, to bringing the leisure centre in-house (and ensuring that staff get a decent deal), to investing in active travel and supporting our community hubs right across the district. Prior to this we were instrumental in developing the current Council Plan that defines the work of council across Environment, Economic regeneration and Community resilience.

Community Independents is a network of community leaders and independent councillors, who put our community first, practicing a politics based on kindness, compassion and common decency.

We’re not politically led and we aren’t told what to do, say or think by any national political party. We do not serve the interests of others, only our communities.

We have chosen not to field candidates for every ward in Stroud as other groups have done. We don’t agree with this practice which leads to increased hostility between political parties and instead we choose to put forward people who we know will give everything to their communities in wards close to where they actually live.

We have four candidates standing to represent three wards across Stroud district:

CAINSCROSS – Charlie MITCHELL, who has done incredible work around neurodiversity and inclusion and who brought us Stroud Imagines.

STROUD SLADE – Thea PILIKIAN who works at Kids’ Stuff at the Long Table, who is an educational advocate for young people and works with the RYSE.

RODBOROUGH – Helen ELLIOTT-BOULT who is the hard working vice chair of the Parish Council and who co-ordinates Rodborough CAN and support for warm spaces.

RODBOROUGH – Robin LAYFIELD, currently one of Rodborough’s serving District Councillors and a member of the District Council’s Alliance Leadership Team.

Our message is simple: If you want to elect someone who cares about what you think more than what’s being shouted about in the newspapers then vote for us.

There is plenty of room for independents right across local government. We’re not just saying this, we are practicing it. Every single day.

You can find out more about us by visiting our site https://communityindependents.org/

Robin Layfield

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