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Stroud District Kids Stuff host art event


Stroud District Kids Stuff are hosting a Community Art Event.

A sense of Belonging, will be held on Thursday 29th June – Saturday 1st July. 

Kids Stuff is a social enterprise based at Brimscombe Mill that has a vision to support local families by reusing donated children’s items through our referral process and onsite shop.

They run a bi-weekly supported drop in for families and offer Saturday and holiday crafts for children. 

Their vision tis o support local families, whilst building community alongside the other CIC’s who share the Mills, led to one attendee of the drop in, an artist Saffron Knight, approaching the team to see if she could give something back to our enterprise by co-hosting an event.   

“Together, we had the idea of an art-based event, that shows a sense of what it is like to belong to something bigger than just yourself,” Saffron said.

The drop in had been the base of Saffron gaining that feeling of being a part of a caring community, where skills, experience and time can be shared.  Especially being a mum coming out of the years of lockdown. 

Kids Stuff are planning to involve the whole of the CIC’s at Brimscombe Mill, local artists, local schools and the people who visit regularly.  

The 3-day event will involve; 

*Local artists displaying their work in a gallery space at The Mill, open 10am-6.30pm. 

*A variety of artist led workshops on a drop in, pay as you feel and paid basis, details can be found on our social media, strouddistrictkidsstuff.org.uk 

*We hope this gives the whole community both young and old an opportunity to try something new. Workshops range from drop in craft table, Lino printing, ceramic painting to directing your own photo shoot.    

Also on offer will be; 

*Pay as you feel art for sale from Gloucestershire House Clearances. 

 *A silent auction on Saturday evening 1st July, where The Long Table will be open for dinner as usual. (5pm-7pm). 

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