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Studio 18 to showcase exhibition of young creatives


An exhibition of artwork made by emerging young artists is set to take place next month in Brimscombe.

The 25 and Under Revisited exhibition opens its doors from 6pm at Studio 18, on Saturday, March 5th at Hope Mills.

Studio 18 is a funky arts warehouse space founded and led by artist Zac Walsh, in collaboration with an awesome army of artists, musicians and creatives, with the aim and ambition to create an environment where everyone can get inspired and involved.

Focussing on the next generational wave of art-makers, this show acts as a springboard for young creatives, helping to guide them towards a
a career in the arts, with the aim to encourage and foster a sense of self-confidence.

Khazaria Curzon | Studio 18 to showcase exhibition of young creatives
Khazaria Curzon

“The last two years of the 25 and Under show has delivered a great variety of
artworks,” said Lily Flow Williams from Studio 18. “This year we expect to see art made in a broad range of media, taking an array of forms at all different scales. Previously, we’ve exhibited some impressive works, including large interactive sculptures, experimental pieces, photographic prints, projections, textiles, film, paintings, drawings, and in one of the shows we even had a painted car.”

This exhibition not only offers young artists the opportunity to show their artwork in a professional gallery space, but also provides them with the chance to work amongst creatives at varying career levels. They learn important skills that are necessary for a professional art practice and experience the different elements that go into setting up an exhibition, including curation, construction, and invigilation of the show.

Ava Dann | Studio 18 to showcase exhibition of young creatives
Ava Dann

Several of the previous 25 and Under exhibitors have gone on further at Studio 18 and elsewhere, to produce public installations, design and curate group shows, a solo show, plus 3 of the previous exhibitors have even gained employment at Studio 18, all with great success.

Lily added: “We are in our fourth year, functioning as a gallery and art production space, running our own life drawing classes and arts workshops. We frequently put on nights of music and our Anarchy Arts workshops, where everyone is invited to pick up a creative weapon of choice and make some art/music, to let go, and express their creativity. We also organised the Art Shelters project, renovating dreary bus stops along the London Road and transformed them into immersive installations to engage the public with a welcome injection of art, colour, and joy to the local community.

Elena Ferro Kirby Untitled 1 2018 Ink on paper 30x30cm | Studio 18 to showcase exhibition of young creatives
Elena Ferro Kirby

“At Studio 18 we are uniquely positioned. The sheer scale of the space allows for an all-together different experience of the art. Each aspect of the studio has been constructed for the love of art, providing a place where people can come and be truly expressive and creative.”

If you’d like to support this and other projects, please visit their crowdfunder:
Crowdfunder | Real Arts and Media or visit the website: STUDIO 18 | Art of Zachary Walsh (realartsandmedia.com)
To find Studio 18, visit, Hope Mills Business Centre, Brimscombe, Stroud GL5 2SE. Access is via the canal path and is a five-minute walk from Stroud Brewery and the Ship Inn.

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