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Summer holiday activities from Stroud District Council – no charge for children eligible for free


This summer Stroud District Council is working in partnership with Gloucestershire County Council to offer four weeks of activities and events for children eligible for free school meals.

This Holiday Activities and Food programme (HAF), is in partnership with district councils, the voluntary sector and other organisations in the county and is funded by the Department for Education.

Art, wild play, circus skills, sports, swimming, Forest Green Rovers football camps, graffiti art, Djing, animation workshops, felting, photography, cookery, skate competitions, canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, boat rides, treasure hunts and much more are being laid on.

The programme’s purpose is to ensure children are entertained, active, educated, safe and fed during the summer holidays.

Stroud District Council is also working with Morrisons to provide Kids Meal Boxes to those who would normally receive free school meals.

Stroud District Council Community Services and Licensing Chair, Chris Brine, said: “I feel very proud that we can offer this scheme and I hope that parents take up this opportunity. It is a great programme that helps children to eat healthier, be more active and not be socially isolated. It can also help to reduce a lot of pressure and worry for parents that are unsure how to keep their children fed and entertained over the summer holiday.”

A key priority of Stroud District Council’s Corporate Delivery Plan is Health and Wellbeing. To find out more information and see when and where the events are happening, visit:

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