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Sunflowers Suicide Support hosts inspiring art exhibition


Sunflowers Suicide Support successfully hosted an emotionally charged art exhibition at Stonehouse Community Centre as part of World Suicide Prevention Month.

The event drew an outpouring of support from the local community, with a constant flow of attendees throughout the day. Organised by the dedicated members of the Sunflowers Art Club, who meet weekly, this remarkable project aimed to raise awareness about suicide prevention and provide a platform for healing and expression to inspire hope.

masks. Tiger Eyes by Pete Morris | Sunflowers Suicide Support hosts inspiring art exhibition

The exhibit featured a poignant collection of artworks created by Sunflowers families in memory of their loved ones. Additionally, it showcased a diverse range of pieces by individuals who tragically lost their lives to suicide, including some pieces by Pete Morris, in whose memory the Sunflowers charity was established.

A centrepiece of the exhibition was an art installation inspired by the Japanese theory of the two faces we present to the world and the one hidden within. The art club’s masks symbolised the dual nature of human emotions, one mask representing what is shown to the world, and the other, the inner emotions concealed from view.

Sunflower Merchadise Stan | Sunflowers Suicide Support hosts inspiring art exhibition

In a touching gesture, the art group crafted a series of slate tiles, adorned with art, and scattered them throughout Stonehouse for people to discover and take home, spreading messages of hope and unity.

The Stonehouse Community Garden hosted a “teardrop” installation, evoking powerful emotions and a sense of solidarity within the community.

Attendees had the opportunity to engage in creative expression themselves, with a craft table available for making and creating personal keepsakes to take away from the event.

Sunflowers Suicide Support extends heartfelt gratitude to Chalford Building Supplies for their generous material donation, Stonehouse Town Council for their support in funding the art group, and Ginns Framers in Dursley for their donation of mount boards, making this event possible.

Memory Table for writing messages | Sunflowers Suicide Support hosts inspiring art exhibition

The exhibition not only served as a poignant memorial but also as a testament to the strength and resilience of the community in addressing the critical issue of suicide prevention. It highlighted the importance of art as a means of healing, expression, and connection during World Suicide Prevention Month.

For more information about Sunflowers Suicide Support and their ongoing initiatives, please contact us at: Info@SunflowersSuicideSupport.org.uk

01453 826990


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