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Take the trail to sustainability!


Fancy a family-friendly walk or bike ride, with lots of opportunities for tea and cake – and some interesting practical sustainability to do, see and chat about?

As part of Great Big Green Week, the nation-wide week-long festival of community climate action supported by, among 140 others, the National Trust, WI, Oxfam and the RSPB, MinchCAN is having a Walking+Talking Sustainability Discovery Trail.

No tickets, it’s free. On Saturday 24 September, from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, local sustainability heroes will be lining up to show off the things they do to help make their communities more sustainable.

MinchCAN co-founder Dmytro said: “Trail day is about connecting with your
community and the people living in it – and having fun! Nobody saves the planet on their own, but together, learning, stacking our little changes up, that’s progress, that’s change, that’s a real difference. Together we can do it.”

Following the trail
Centred on Besbury, the 6½ km (4 miles) trail route goes into and out of the Frome valley joining up Brimscombe, Knapp, Minchinhampton and Burleigh.
There’s a map to follow, and an online sustainability hunt as well from Nature’s
Racers, but everyone’s free to explore and see as much or as little of the trail as they like.
Trail highlights
 Visit Brimscombe Mill for the Grace Network’s ethical social enterprises,
including The Bike Drop, The Long Table, Kids Stuff, and the Furniture Bank.
 Explore Charlea Community Garden, a locally-run rewilded open space for
local people to enjoy nature and learn how to care for it and animals.

 Try the bird-hide eco-loo and bike generator at Knapp Farm’s sustainable
glamping site; see how they’re rewilding, do a bird-food workshop and take the biodiversity quiz. You can hear Gill from Knapp Farm being interviewed about the trail on BBC Radio Gloucestershire’s, Faye Hatcher show.
 Get ready to meet your new best tree! Tree walks with urban tree champion
 Find out your carbon footprint at Holy Trinity Church with a Fairtrade cup of tea.
 Pedal apples into juice on Phil and Jerry’s bike-based fruit juicer.
 Can’t quite cut it? Tom will be demonstrating how to sharpen knives and
 Visit Minchinhampton Community Library, open all day for the trail.
 Imagine how we saved the world in a sustainable art workshop run by local
artist Gemma.
 Learn about wildlife gardening with Fran in Burleigh.
About MinchCAN
Minch CAN is a community group for the Commons communities east of Stroud
dedicated to sustainability, carbon-neutrality, habitat restoration and community resilience.

Anyone living in or near Minchinhampton, Amberley, Brimscombe Hill, Box,
Burleigh or Hyde wanting to find out more about it or to join should visit minchcan.org or its social media pages.
For more details, information, quotes, images, logos, contact Dmytro Bojaniwskyj at AurigaHen@outlook.com
Trail homepage /minchcan.org/take-the-trail/
Why we created this trail /minchcan.org/why-this-trail/
Maps /minchcan.org/trail-maps/
Virtual trail /www.naturesracers.co.uk/minchcansustainabilitytrailmap2022
Great Big Green Week /greatbiggreenweek.com/
Gill and Dmytro being interviewed, August 28 /bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0crb901
between 1.11.14 & 1.18.16 (part 1), 1.45.52 & 1.51.16 (part 2)

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