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Talking point: do you think the Imperial Hotel’s name should be changed?


The iconic Imperial Hotel could be renamed, according to its new owners.

Simon Berg, Director of London-based S2 Estates is set to embark on an extensive 20-week refurbishment that will take place to give the building a boutique hotel feel, with the aim of giving  Stroud and the Imperial a much better dining and accommodation experience.

Imperial Hotel 34 | Talking point: do you think the Imperial Hotel's name should be changed?
Simon Berg, Director at S2 Estates, hopes to see the Imperial open by the summer. Picture: Matt Bigwood.

Simon told Stroud Times he’s open to consultation about a possible name change, he said: “We are more than happy for it to remain as it is but I think it may need to be changed a little bit and we will take on board the comments of all those who will hopefully be coming either to stay, eat or drink and involve them in it, but if people want it to remain, we will be happy to take it on board and to accommodate accordingly.”

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