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THEN & NOW: From Stroud Brewery to Ecotricity HQ


SHAUN DOWDESWELL has an unbridled passion for buildings around Stroud and has joined forces with Stroud Times to delve into the changing shop fronts through the decades.

“This week we take a look at one of Stroud’s most iconic buildings which has now been replaced by a modern-day classic.

“Peter Leversage, a farmer of Middle Lypiatt, established the Stroud Brewery in 1760. 

“Stroud Brewery was used as a production centre for bottled beers and Double Gloster Keg. West Country Breweries were taken over by Whitbread in 1963 and the Stroud Brewery was used to process Whitbread branded beers. As more production was transferred to Cheltenham the brewery at Stroud was declared redundant and it closed in 1967. After standing derelict for a number of years the Stroud Brewery was finally demolished in October 1973. The vacant space was purchased by the Stroud and Swindon Building Society and their headquarters were built on site of the old Stroud Brewery in the late 1980’s.

“In 2011 Ecotricity brought the building and named it Lion House.”

DSC07324 | THEN & NOW: From Stroud Brewery to Ecotricity HQ
Ecotricity HQ, Lion House

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