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This Ends Now group’s statement following David Carrick sentencing


In response to the sentencing of former Metropolitan police officer David Carrick earlier today, This Ends Now has made the following statement: Former London Metropolitan Police officer David Carrick has been sentenced today at Southwark Crown Court to 36 life sentences, serving a minimum of 30 years in prison He pleaded guilty to 85 offences, including dozens of rapes, against 12 victims between 2003 and 2020 while serving as a police officer.

Yesterday, the court heard harrowing details from survivors themselves about what they went through – and how it has affected their lives. Our hearts go out to the women who came forward and have shown courage in speaking out in the face of such a vastly misogynistic police organisation and a victim-blaming judicial system. Whilst Gloucestershire police force is open to collaborating and taking proactive measures to tackle these issues, all forces must do so to create real change.

As we have seen repeatedly, there is blatant misogyny in police forces across the country.

Nikki Owen, This Ends Now co-founder, added: “This Ends Now calls for a statutory inquiry into misogyny within UK police constabularies and a total reform of the UK police system. PCC for Gloucestershire, Chris Nelson, has acknowledged the need for a statutory review and is willing to work with This Ends Now to make this a reality.

“In recent years, stories of male officers in the police failing to protect female citizens have become increasingly commonplace, ranging from harassment, intimidation and manipulation to gross negligence in many cases.

“The death of Sarah Everard and the sentencing of Dave Carrick have drawn attention to the endemic issue of misogyny in the police, with the MPs failing to investigate many reports of harassment and assault with the necessary speed or attention.

“That’s why we want to push for a statutory investigation into misogyny in our policing. We welcome a conversation with the chief of police and any other key political figures to ensure this sexist and patriarchal culture is eliminated from the force. It is not enough to make isolated gestures towards addressing this problem, such as issuing statements or organising panel discussions.

“Police forces must face up to their own shortcomings and genuinely commit to tackling gender disparity. This must involve listening to, and empowering, diverse voices within their ranks and within the wider criminal justice sector, acknowledging the needs and experiences of marginalised members of society, such as black and minoritised women and LGBT people.”

Sydney-Anne McAllister, This Ends Now co-founder, said: “This Ends Now is ready to work with the police on a national level to take decisive, proactive steps to tackle the issue of misogyny in the criminal justice system. “Only then can the UK start seeing real progress in tackling this issue and ensuring that the victims of these crimes are given the justice they deserve.”

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