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Thomas Keble and Stroud High School visit Houses of Parliament


MP Siobhan Baillie welcomed two local schools to Parliament this week to tour the Palace of Westminster and take part in Q&A sessions.

Thomas Keble School and Stroud High School travelled up to the capital as part of their citizenship education.

Students from Year 11 at Thomas Keble visited on Monday. Siobhan met with the pupils and teachers after the tour and she answered questions and talked to them about their views of Parliament.  

Then sixth form Pupils from Stroud High School watched a debate about the Ukraine conflict and visited the Education Centre in Parliament on Tuesday. 

The group learnt about Parliamentary procedure and hosted a mock debate on student tuition fees with pupils forming two political parties and one student as the Speaker. 

“Many thanks to both schools for coming up to visit and for their enthusiasm.  Their knowledge about our democratic process and desire to learn more was really impressive” said Ms Baillie.

“It is really important that young people are engaged with politics and how our country works. I know that part of the trip involved visits to our law courts too and many pupils are planning to study law or politics.  I thank the teachers for organising these visits, which is no mean feat with so many pupils and 6am starts from Stroud! I always enjoy taking questions and hearing the views of young people.

“It was so good to see Stroud people in parliament again. The pandemic has made it impossible these last two years but now restrictions have ended, I am looking forward to lots of visitors from Stroud, the Valleys and Vale in the coming years.”

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