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Black Ark Media present Pariah at the Sub Rooms


As part of the launch of this year’s Stroud Film Festival, Black Ark Media will be presenting a unique screening of the acclaimed film Pariah the Subscription Rooms this Friday. 

The film is able to raise questions in a unique way and Pariah (USA 2011) does just that. Written and directed by Dee Rees (Bessie/Mudbound/The Last Thing He Wanted) the raw and powerful coming of age story follows a young African American woman (played by Adepero Oduye – 12 Years A Slave/The Big Short/Widows) coming to terms with both her sexuality and a religious mother who cannot accept her daughter’s identity., This tragic, beautiful tale is brave and impeccably directed. 

ParahFilmStill3 | Black Ark Media present Pariah at the Sub Rooms

Special guest Miles Chambers (international performance poet, playwright, broadcaster and Bristol’s first poet laureate)will introduce the film, share some readings and chair a discussion with Black Ark Media. 

Black Ark Media was founded this year by Jamaica Inn Kitchen’s Derreck McLean and poet Ronnie McGrath with an aim to shed a critical light on what it means to be Black and British in a time of perpetual change. As well as Pariah they will be screening the Stuart Hall Project at Lansdown Hall on Sunday 6th March which is also part of the Stroud Film Festival with future events and screenings in the works. 

PariahFilmStill2 | Black Ark Media present Pariah at the Sub Rooms


Pariah event info: Festival Launch — Stroud Film Festival

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