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Top gear – vintage bikes at the Tipputs Inn


The Vintage Motor Cycle Club (VMCC) held their Boxing Day gathering at the Tipputs Inn on the A46 near Nailsworth yesterday.

Organised by the South Cotswold Vintage Motor Cycle Club, the group also meets throughout the year in the south Cotswold and Severn Vale areas of Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire.

Richard Kelsey, founder of the Dursley Wings and Wheels Society, who took these pictures, said: “As you can see from the photos, they welcome riders of any age on machines of any age.

“VMCC Types include veteran (pre-1914) vintage (1915-1930) post vintage (1931-1945) post war and classic 1946-1996 (25 years old). This year’s Boxing Day meet certainly shows the ‘best of British steel!’

“Bikes from continental manufacturers make the meet varied and interesting for all members and spectators alike – one bike that was rare and on show was a French Motobecane. Fellow Wings and Wheels Society Dursley members and their bikes were also present, including Paul Sheppard on his Gloucester-built Cotton, Fitzy on his 1982 Yamaha RD350, and Jody on his Royal Enfield just to name a few!”

Swipe through our gallery of pictures by Richard Kelsey.

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