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Unpredictable series of events trigger debut book for former business leader


The global launch of Life Without A Tie marks a writing debut for former award-winning business leader, traveller and fund-raiser Ray Martin.

His beautifully written, open-hearted and courageous book chronicles a fourteen-year journey of reinvention he undertook from 2005-2019, and more importantly, the lessons learned and wisdom gained from the journey.

“I originally left the UK with the intention of going on six-month sabbatical to recover from the loss of my marriage, home, business and my father. But things didn’t go according to plan,” said the Stroud author.

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“After visiting a friend in Australia with cancer in 2005, an unexpected turn of events led me to act on stage in a play. It was a game-changer. I sold my house in London and gave away virtually all my possessions. Inspired by Bronnie Ware, who wrote “The Top Five Regrets of The Dying”, I left England to answer the question “How do I live true to myself from this moment onwards?”

During the first three or four years, he travelled all over Asia, discovered Vipassana and meditation and developed a mindfulness practice. That helped Ray develop a set of guiding principles that are in the book.

After four years, his inner wisdom guided him to start a Foundation. By chance, he met a six-times marathon runner who offered to help him train and complete a marathon to kick-start his fundraising efforts for an elephant sanctuary in Thailand and an orphanage in Nepal. Ray ran his first marathon (aged 49) in New York in 2009 and raised over $15,000. He’s run four more since then, raising around $50,000.

In the stories you’ll find in “Life Without A Tie” Ray vividly shares what happened and the insights and wisdom that came from these random, unpredictable series of events that took him through twenty-eight countries. 

life without a tie 3d 2 | Unpredictable series of events trigger debut book for former business leader

“I was fortunate to create a handful of life-changing relationships and make friends all over the world. I’ve discovered ways of being totally at peace within myself whilst living in total uncertainty about the future. Having reflected deeply on the entire journey, I’ve written my six rules for happiness, in the hope, it will encourage people to write their own.”

Although this book is a story, Ray has left plenty of pauses throughout the text so that the reader has time to reflect on each step, so they have a chance to explore the truth for themselves about similar situations they may find themselves in. “My mission is to use this story to guide and encourage others to live bravely and make bold decisions that bring deep joy and happiness” says Ray, aka The Daily Explorer. 

Bernadette Russell, who regularly appears on BBC programmes, kindly wrote the foreword, and endorses that message. She says “Ray’s book contains the jewels he’s brought back to the village”.

Available on Amazon: https://getbook.at/LWAT

To contact the author: raysbox@gmail.com

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