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Vicar champions same-sex marriages


Same-sex weddings will be allowed to take place at Rodborough Tabernacle.

The decision makes the United Reformed Church the first church of a major denomination in Stroud to agree to register same sex marriages. 

The vote means that the Tabernacle Walk church will now apply to register its buildings and could be ready to host its first same sex ceremonies from the summer. 

Rev Simon Helme who joined the church in September said: “I am delighted to say that Rodborough Tabernacle came out strongly in support of this move, which doesn’t surprise me because it is a church which has a passion for following in Jesus’ footsteps of inclusion and justice.

“It also has humility and recognises the pain that has been caused by the Church. Verses in the Bible have been interpreted in the past as condemning same sex relationships, but these are seen differently now by many of our members who firmly believe that God’s love knows no bounds.

“This vote and process reflects much of the nature of our church – it is one where everyone is truly welcome with a real focus of carefully, prayerfully, reassessing what it is God wants us to do in the world today.

“We look forward to welcoming new people to come on the journey with us and hopefully before too long we will be able to experience the joy of same sex weddings.”

Anyone who would like to make inquiries about a wedding can contact the Revd Helme on 07443 568 242.

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