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Warning graphic images: gruesome discovery near Nailsworth


A couple made a gruesome discovery at the entrance to Upper Balls Green Quarry near Nailsworth.

Lucy Conboy, her boyfriend Harry, and collie dog Paddy stumbled across a number of rotting dead animals in front of the disused mine.

Lucy believes the rotting bodies could be connected to an increase in dog thefts during the pandemic.

She said: “Dog theft crimes have increased so much during the pandemic, so this might have something to do with it, but it could be a baby calf – the skull is very alike.”

animal1 | Warning graphic images: gruesome discovery near Nailsworth

Lucy was horrified to come across the scene and has urged the authorities to take action.

“This needs to be investigated,” added Lucy. “I’m not certain how these animals have died, but they have been gutted and skinned, and it looks like someone has tried to burn the bodies. This was horrific and a vile inhumane kill and the bodies were illegally dumped.”

20210805 182653 | Warning graphic images: gruesome discovery near Nailsworth

A Stroud District Council spokesperson said: “Stroud District Council is responsible for removing dead animals on roads and council-owned land. These can be reported on our website https://www.stroud.gov.uk/report/report-a-dead-wild-animal

“Animal remains that are on private land are the responsibility of the landowner.

“In this instance, due to the unusual nature of the remains and their proximity to a busy road, our operatives attended the site today, August 13. We propose to contact the landowner and inform them of the remains.”

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