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Which classic cars hold their value?


Which classic cars will prove to be the best investment?

Experts at LeaseCar.uk have looked at a selection of cars from the last 60 years that make the best investment and won’t depreciate.

Similar to things like jewellery and art, cars have the opportunity to hold and increase in value, making them a great potential investment for those who are into their four-wheelers.

Among the suggestions from the experts are the Renault 5 GT Turbo manufactured between 1986 – 1991 which has increased in value by a massive 38% in the last 12 months and the classic Mini Cooper from the 1960s.

  1. 1986 – 1991 Renault 5 GT Turbo – £12,900 (+38.7%)
  2. 1959 – 1967 Jaguar Mark II – £27,700 (+27.6%)
  3. 1989 – 1998 Land Rover Discovery Series I – £9,800 (+15.3%)
  4. 2000 – 2007 Toyota MR2 Mk III – £4,100 (+12.5%)
  5. 1998 – 2004 Ford Focus Mk1 – £1,400 (+7.7%)
  6. 1988 – 1992 Porsche 944 – £17,550 (+5.4%)
  7. 1961 – 71 Mini Cooper – £24,000 (+0%)

A spokesperson at LeaseCar.uk said: “Car lovers know classic cars can be a great purchase, but if you’re thinking about investing in a vintage car you need to make sure it has the potential to hold and even rise in value down the line to get the most out of your purchase.

“Some car manufacturers have done an incredible job of creating amazing cars that are just timeless and if you’re someone who’s considering this investment, you want to make sure it’s worth it long term.”

Cars that haven’t depreciated in value:

Renault 5 GT Turbo 1986 – 1991

This car was introduced to the world in 1986 and within the last year it has gone up in value by around 38% going from being worth £9,300 to £12,900.

Jaguar Mark II 1959 – 1967

Manufactured in 1959, the Mark II has also gone up six grand in value within the last year jumping from £21,700 to £27,700.

Land Rover Discovery Series I 1989 – 1998

Over the last twelve months, the 1989 classic vehicle has increased by 15% and is now valued at £9,800

Toyota MR2 Mk III 2000 – 2007

This make is the third generation of the Toyota MR2 and it’s valuation has had a small jump of around £450 going from £3,650 to £4,100

Ford Focus Mk 1 1998 – 2004

With a 7% jump in valuation the 1998 manufactured Ford Focus is now estimated to be worth around £1,400

Porsche 1988 – 1992

Despite having the smallest increase in valuation, the 1988 Porsche has still increased by £900 within the last twelve months, taking its valuation up to £17,550.

Mini Cooper 1961 – 71

Last on the list is the 1961 Mini Cooper. Despite not increasing in price, the car has held it’s value over the past year and is still worth £24,000,

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