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Whiteshill and Ruscombe Community issue statement ahead of Katie Hopkins visit


Dear Editor,

We, the residents of Whiteshill and Ruscombe, stand united against hate speech and divisiveness.

The upcoming appearance of Katie Hopkins at The Star Inn does not reflect the values of our inclusive and diverse community. Katie Hopkins’ history of promoting divisive and hateful ideologies goes against the principles that define our community. Her views do not align with the inclusivity, tolerance, and respect that we hold dear.

Embracing such values is vital to maintaining the harmony and cohesion within Whiteshill and Ruscombe. We believe in fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and safe, and the introduction of divisive figures like Katie Hopkins runs counter to this commitment. Our community is dedicated to building bridges, not walls, and we reject any message that seeks to sow discord and animosity. 

Our demonstration on the night of the event aims to emphasise that Katie Hopkins’ values are not aligned with ours. By peacefully gathering, we seek to showcase our commitment to unity and acceptance, sending a clear message that our community rejects any rhetoric promoting hatred and division. Together, we stand against hate and strive for a community that values inclusivity and understanding.

Whiteshill and Ruscombe Community

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