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Why Gavin and Stacey legend is set to appear in Stroud supermarket


TV stars Larry and George Lamb are coming to Stroud’s Waitrose store for the launch of a new regenerative bread range.

The father and son duo will arrive at the store in style at 10am on Tuesday, arriving on a tractor.

The appearance will celebrate Wildfarmed, the UK’s first 100 per cent regenerative farmed bread – which is co-owned by George – arriving in Waitrose stores.

George has had an impressive career as a broadcaster. He is best known for being the former host of his BBC Radio 6 Music daytime show. His credits include Big Brother’s Little Brother, The Bank Job, and Football Tonight on BT Sport.

George also teamed up his dad Larry for Channel 5 show, Britain By Bike.

However, in July 2023, he revealed he had swapped his presenting career for the world of business.

His father Larry is a revered actor, starring in hit TV comedy series Gavin and Stacey and Archie Mitchell in the BBC soap Eastenders.

George, co-founder of Wildfarmed said: “Wildfarmed began as a field to plate collaboration, uniting farmers and food buyers to create a new food system. One where Wildfarmed growers combine nature and food in fields full of life, and where Wildfarmed customers support these farmers in their vital work.

“How we grow food is our single greatest point of agency to address the health, biodiversity and climate challenges we are facing. Our flour has been championed by some of the best independent UK bakeries and restaurants. We’re incredibly excited that our products are now available to everybody nationwide.

“Don’t worry – when you go down the bread aisle, you won’t miss it. It’s bright green, full of life, and the only bread with a disco ball.”

So, what’s the hype? 

The bread aisle sits at the centre of an environmental storm: decades of intensive chemical farming have led to degraded soil, a 69% decline in wildlife across our landscapes, and a public health crisis with half of UK bread containing two or more pesticides linked to health issues.

Wildfarmed’s regenerative model represents a radical departure from this. 

Instead, the business works with over 100 UK and French growers to grow wheat in a way that works with nature, rather than against it – in line with third party audited Wildfarmed Regenerative Standards. 

This means growing crops alongside companion plants, integrating grazing livestock, and using observation and nutrition instead of pesticides to manage crops. The result? Turning fields that were silent dead zones into spaces buzzing with biodiversity, and putting more life-giving nutrients back into the soil and wheat. 

Also, while most wheat goes through vast anonymous commodity markets, Wildfarmed’s plate-to-field supply chain gives consumers a unique opportunity to know exactly who grew their food and how. Empowering them to use their food choices to save our planet, and enjoy real, nutritious food that transforms UK landscapes. 

It’s changing farming, for good. 

Big name on the block 

Since 2019, Wildfarmed has worked with its extensive, growing community to create food that tastes better and is better for the planet – supplying flour to over 500 restaurants, retailers and cult bakeries. These include the likes of ASK Italian, Jolene, Franca Manca, Specialty Breads as well as premier league football clubs like Manchester City FC, schools and more. 

Even Jeremy Clarkson has joined in, with his experiments as a Wildfarmed regenerative farmer documented in the upcoming season of Clarkson’s Farm, launching on Prime Video on 3rd May.

The business believes healthier soils produce better ingredients and that, ultimately, the best flavours come from food grown the right way – as shown by its community of Michelin star chefs, restaurants and artisan bakeries. 

Now, with the launch of its bread range in Waitrose, Wildfarmed is empowering even more people to become part of the movement for change. Inviting consumers to join together with everyone from high street restaurant chains to premier league football teams, to have an even bigger impact on UK nature together. 

This comes as a recent Wildfarmed survey found nearly two-thirds of consumers feel pesticide free ingredients and sustainability credentials are “very important” or “important” when purchasing bread – revealing a growing appetite amongst consumers to use their food choices to shape a better world. 

Oliver Chadwyck-Healey, Waitrose Brand Innovation Manager, said: “At Waitrose, we adopted the principles of regenerative farming on our Hampshire farm, the Leckford Estate back in 2020, after being LEAF Marque certified* since 2001. We strongly believe in farming in harmony with nature. 

“We know our customers care about where their food comes from, and have a real appetite for delicious products, which is why working with Wildfarmed is the perfect recipe. Their commitment to challenging and reforming the food system is inspiring and aligns with our plan for nature. I can’t wait to see the loaves land on the shelves.” 

The full list of products launching in Waitrose include:

  • Wildfarmed life-changing sliced white, RRP £2.80
  • Wildfarmed’s life-changing sliced seed, RRP £2.80
  • Wildfarmed life-changing white rolls, RRP £2.50
  • Wildfarmed life-changing sourdough, RRP £4
  • Wildfarmed life-changing seeded sourdough, RRP £4
  • Wildfarmed life-changing baguette, RRP £3
  • Wildfarmed life-changing plain flour, RRP £2.50
  • Wildfarmed life-changing bread flour, RRP £2.50 

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