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WOMAD anniversary was the icing on the cake


A special cake to mark the 40th anniversary of the WOMAD Festival, founded by Peter Gabriel, was made by The Boho Bakery in Kings Stanley.

Owner Pennie McKenzie was thrilled to be asked to bake the special cake: “Ever since Boho started, amazing opportunities have presented themselves… I always say that I think I have the BEST guardian angel ever, she just delivers exciting events, one after the other.”

peter gabriel | WOMAD anniversary was the icing on the cake
Peter Gabriel cuts the cake to mark the 40th anniversary of WOMAD.

“We were contacted by WOMAD out of the blue, although one of my best friends works in the office there so, despite her denial, I suspect she had something to do with them hearing about us!”

Pennie also made Lily Allen’s birthday cake during the first lockdown and has catered and baked for Carl Cox’s birthday: “That was backstage at a festival, a whole new level of Bohemian baking!” said Pennie.

“We also make wedding cakes and love meeting all our lovely couples, working with them to design lovely bakes and then delivering them.

“Cheesy statement alert, but we consider each and every one of our cakes ‘high profile’ because they’re all for special occasions,” she added.

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