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A flavour of Denmark in Stroud High Street


A new shop has opened at the top of Stroud High Street in the former Sound Records premises.

Marie Waring opened Preserved last month: “We opened at the beginning of November, so we’re on the run-up to Christmas and we’ll see how we get on.

DSC0925 | A flavour of Denmark in Stroud High Street
Marie Waring in the new Preserved shop in Stroud.

“We’re trying to use second hand and preserve things that can be recycled, and we are focusing on Danish design,” explained Marie, who has a house in Denmark. Everything from furniture, bicycles, crockery, books and even vinyl records are on sale.

A quirky Danish traditional bread cutter is also for sale: “Our bread cutters are doubling as a little bookshelf. They cut rye bread and it’s like a guillotine, so it slices up the loaves,” added Marie.

DSC0930 | A flavour of Denmark in Stroud High Street
A traditional Danish bread slicer doubling as a book shelf.

For those with a sweet tooth the award-winning, ethically produced Danish Friis-Holm chocolate is also available. “It’s the number one chocolate in Denmark and sheets of the chocolate are put on bread. We’ve got dark and milk chocolate here,” said Marie.

Preserved is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10am – 3pm.

DSC0928 | A flavour of Denmark in Stroud High Street

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