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Arc Painswick hosts inaugural exhibition


The Garden of Eden exhibition opens at Arc Painswick today, Saturday, October 15th.

Cute little thirst trap by Bea Hasell Mccosh | Arc Painswick hosts inaugural exhibition
Cute Little Thirst Trap by Bea Hasell-Mccosh

Arc, founded in 2021, is reimagining the English country house for designed experiences. Surprising, innovative and sustainable, designed to be shared, Arc effortlessly combines the charm and attention to detail of boutique hotels with the repose of rural life; embodying a modern luxury that replaces glitz, glamour and bling with an architectural elegance, comfort and purpose.

moon dive megan menzies | Arc Painswick hosts inaugural exhibition
Moon Dive by Megan Menzies.

The Garden of Eden is the first exhibition at Arc Painswick and brings together artists whose practice transports the viewer into another realm of nature.

The artists work across a range of mediums including paint, ceramics and 3D printing and includes the work of Bea Hasell-Mccosh, Kemi Onabule and Victor Seaward.

The exhibition opens to the public from 2-6.30pm today, Saturday, and 11-5pm on Sunday, October 16th.

danger danger Jack Evans | Arc Painswick hosts inaugural exhibition
Danger Danger by Jack Evans.

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