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Archway students celebrate A-level success


Students at Archway School in Stroud are celebrating improved A-level grades compared with the pre-pandemic results of 2019.

Headteacher Kieron Smith said: “The students who sat their A-level and BTEC examination results this year had no prior experience of sitting formal, external examinations so we were very interested to see how they would cope with the demands of level 3 qualifications ‘going in cold’.

“We were delighted to see that the students at Archway Sixth Form have performed brilliantly this year. Results are showing improvements on the 2019 outcomes which was the last time when grades were entirely based on externally marked work.

IMG 20220818 091106 | Archway students celebrate A-level success
A-level results at Archway School.

“Sixty-nine per cent of A-level grades achieved were A* – C (seven per cent improvement on 2019) and 99 per cent of grades were A*- E.  Average points this year were up by nine per cent on the 2019 figures.”

The vocational (BTEC level 3) results this year were equally impressive with the average grade being a Distinction, again an improvement on the 2019 results by half a grade.  Average points were up 11 per cent on the 2019 figures to 32.5.  Almost half the grades achieved were Distinction or Distinction* and the pass rate was 97 per cent. Ten per cent of students achieved the impressive benchmark of an average point score above 46.

IMG 20220818 093104 | Archway students celebrate A-level success
A-level results at Archway School.

Some highlights include Ellie, who achieved an A in Further Maths, A* in Maths and A in Physics; Megan, who achieved A* in Art, A* in Media and A in Philosophy; James, who achieved Double Distinction* in BTEC Sport, an A in History and an A in his extended project; Isla, who achieved A* in English Lit, A in history and A in Maths, and Michael, who achieved A in Art, A in Maths, B in Physics and A* in his extended project.

Chair of Governors, Stewart King, said: “The grades achieved by our ‘Class of 22’ mean that the students will be able to move on successfully to the next stage in their life be that employment, further training or higher education at university.

IMG 20220818 100218 | Archway students celebrate A-level success
A-level results at Archway School.

“We are proud of what our students have achieved at Archway School this year and we are thankful for the efforts of our staff who have supported and encouraged the students throughout their time at Archway Sixth Form during two particularly challenging years in schools.”

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