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Brimscombe Port: process to find developer is ‘nearing an end’


Aerial pictures and video show most of the former industrial buildings at Brimscombe Port have now been demolished. Stroud District Council, the owner of the site, has outlined the next steps in the redevelopment process.

A council spokesperson said: “The vision for Brimscombe Port remains to deliver a sustainable new residential-led mixed-use community that meets the needs of both existing and future residents.

“The competitive dialogue process to find the right developer from a shortlist of three for this unique site is nearing an end, and councillors will be updated this week.

“Demolition at the site is expected to be complete by mid-June. A planning application submission expected in January 2023 with works starting in October 2023 – these dates are subject to change as external parties will be involved.

brimscombe port 0804 | Brimscombe Port: process to find developer is 'nearing an end'
The cleared site at Brimscombe Port.

“Strategy and Resources Committee will be updated on Thursday, June 9th and the committee is expected to be asked to consider a recommendation for a developer at the following meeting on July 12th.

“For more information on our vision for Brimscombe Port, including timelines, please visit www.stroud.gov.uk/environment/our-vision-for-brimscombe-port

The former industrial was home to social enterprises such as The Long Table, Stroud Food Bank, the Furniture Bank, Kids Stuff and The Bike Drop as well as Inside Football and nationally-renowned Rush Skatepark.

Rush closed its doors for the final time last August, and The Long Table dished up its final meal at Brimscombe Port in September before moving to nearby Brimscombe Mill. Demolition began in October but was temporarily halted in December when nearby residents raised concerns about the disposal of asbestos on the site.

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