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Bugging around on Rodborough Common


A group of hardy adults and children braved the heat to join Stroud Nature’s Steve Roberts and Stroud Valleys Project (SVP) for Do You Have the Bug? on Rodborough Common.

Participants were able to really get down into the detail and pay close attention to what’s going on under our very feet – namely lots of fascinating insect life.  

SVP project officer Sharon Gardham, who organised the event, said: “We were lucky enough to spot an array of different species of grasshopper and cricket, as well as spiders, ladybirds, beetles and flies. 

“We also learned about the importance of cowpats and their attendant bugs. Cowpats attract an array of insects, some of which feed on the cowpats… and some of which feed on the insects that are feeding on the cowpats.  

Marsh Meadow Grasshopper | Bugging around on Rodborough Common
Marsh Meadow grasshopper Pic: Ian Peters

“We found a grasshopper exuviae, which is the remains of the creature’s exoskeleton. When these fascinating critters grow, they must shed their skeletons which, unlike ours, are outside their bodies. They then grow a new one. If you’re lucky enough, as we were, you might find these ghostly remains clinging to a stalk or a blade of grass.”

Steve Roberts has an exhibition at the Museum in the Park running until Sunday, September 4th showcasing some of his amazing bug life illustrations.  

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