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Business helping Ukrainian children with additional needs


The CEO of Cam-based business Samboards is seeking sponsorship so he can continue supporting children with additional need in Ukraine.

Two orphanages and a rehabilitation centre for Ukraine children and young adult’s refugees were given Samboards sensory libraries, and SATPIN boards to use, to help with their complex disabilities.

Donated by Andrew Western the CEO of Samboards Ltd, he is now seeking further sponsorship, already securing a small sponsorship. Every child was given a tile, plus three sensory pads per establishment and a SATPIN board for the rehabilitation centre where some of the young orphans are learning English.

Mr Western said: “I am very moved from the positive impact these boards have had on people’s lives. We seek further sponsorship to be able to provide the products to all Ukraine refugees, young or old.”

A representative for Aid for Ukraine Gloucestershire praised the sensory boards: “They have so far enjoyed using them. Thanks to Andy’s knowledge, we were able to identify the best products to suit the needs of the recipients.

“The orphanages like using the SATPIN board to improve their English reading and writing skills.”

What makes these different to fidget spinners? The sensory library boards have been designed using different textures which when felt by the user, trigger the feel-good hormone dopamine, and while creating neural pathways in your brain.

The increase in sensory information through your nervous system, then increases brain activity and blood flow. Helping with many complex needs ranging from ADHD, autism, stress, anxiety, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. The SATPIN boards designed for younger children, refer to the first six letters that are taught in most schools in the UK, and the foundation for building most words. Making this learning process more enjoyable and engaging.

They are dishwasher safe, durable, discrete, silent, and come in various colours, the small library boards can be discreetly put into your pocket, hung on a lanyard or a keyring.

If you would like to provide sponsorship for the Ukraine refugees to receive a continued supply of these Samboards sensory products, please contact: samboards19@aol.com

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