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Cheers: a pint full of community spirit


Stroud Brewery is saying cheers after brewing up a seasonal beer brimming full of community spirit.

The much-loved ‘Brewer’s Garden’ is the product of the annual Hop Picking day, which Stroud Brewery has been hosting for more than 12 years.

Brewers Garden PROOF | Cheers: a pint full of community spirit

The hop bines are harvested in September, and members congregate at the brewery to handpick the hop cones and even enjoy a few ales.

In a good year, around 3000 pints of ‘Brewer’s Garden’ are brewed and barrels of which are eagerly awaited by local pubs.

hop picking 21 rotated | Cheers: a pint full of community spirit

“Having a green hop beer is quite special,” revealed brewery boss Greg Pilley. “We make it once a year because it tastes so good. We could buy green hops from a grower but it’s a great way to get people involved with the brewery and a great community activity.

“This year’s Hop Picking Day was even more significant due to the support the Brewery received during its Crowdfunder earlier this year.

hop picking 21 balcony | Cheers: a pint full of community spirit

“One of the many rewards for investing in our Crowdfunder was to join our Hop Club and receive a hop plant to grow at home, we’re hoping to see the produce of these going back into our community brews in the coming years.” 

Hop pickers & growers are able to get involved in the brewing process, as well as take home a 5L bag-in-box once it’s ready.

Hops 21 in tank | Cheers: a pint full of community spirit

You can you sample a pint of this harvest celebration at the Old Fleece, Rooksmoor, Chalford Sports Club, Bowbridge Arms, Royal Oak, Cromhall, Vine Tree, Randwick,Prince Albert, Clothiers and Stroud Brewery, Tap.

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