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Clare Honeyfield: Letting go of expectations


Here we are in the autumn term. While my kids have all now left full-time education, I have taken up learning aerial skills and we don’t train in the summer holidays.

I absolutely love the classes, the culture of encouraging each other, the way I feel after class. If you’re not sure what aerial skills are, I’m talking about static trapeze, hoop, silks. I don’t love the gym, so it’s been great finding a class that helps me to get strong and is fun.

The first day of the term came, I took my leggings to work with me, the end of the day arrived and  I couldn’t go. A sudden and complete crisis of confidence overcame me, fear of loss of strength and ability over the summer, I was frozen. I went home, cooked supper, pottered about, went to bed. I tried not to think about it. 

The following week training day came around. Walking down the hill to work I thought about why I’d not gone to class the previous week, and resolved to go that night. 

I let go of any expectations of myself and decided to enjoy the experience and accept myself for what I am and what I’m capable of. And do you know what? I had the best class ever. That letting go of expectations proved the gateway to enjoying my hour and a bit of movement, strength and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I really enjoyed the experience.

This whole experience led me to think about all the things we miss out on in life because we don’t believe we are good enough.

As I have heard one of my mentors say; we are wildly more capable than we believe.

So next time you are tempted to miss out on something you enjoy because of your own self-doubt, maybe give it a go anyway. Never know, you might have fun.

Clare Honeyfield is a coach working with entrepreneurs and creatives.

You will find her on social media raving about all things ‘creativity, courage and community.

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