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Clare Honeyfield: managing a permacrisis


How do you manage in challenging times?

In nearly 25 years, I don’t think there has been a more challenging time to be running a ‘bricks and mortar’ business. Or indeed to be running a household.

So the question I’ve been asking myself is, “how do I step into this challenge whilst looking after my own well-being?”

Without getting into the systems which have created this crisis, as I don’t want to get furious and feel I have no control over my life, both of which would be a way of procrastinating, I’ve been involved in a fair bit of introspection. 

I think the temptation in times like these is often to over-work, burn out and give up, or not bother trying. Both of which can be a form of self-sabotage. 

I’ve spent the past month working on finding a “middle way” for myself. This has involved giving myself a lot more time, spending a lot more time alone, not feeling pressurised to meet the expectations of others, doing a lot less in general and often going to bed a lot earlier. Having a bad dose of the flu certainly helped to focus on my physical and emotional wellbeing. 

At a time when the Collins English Dictionary revealed their word of the year for 2022 to be ‘Permacrisis’, defined as “an extended period of instability and insecurity, especially one resulting from a series of catastrophic events”, I’ve been putting my energies into creating my own inner stability and security through practices of Yoga and meditation, through making my home a sanctuary of peace, calm and joy, and through working on my inner trust and gratitude.

I’ve often heard it said by mentors that it is our resourcefulness over our resources which gets us through hard times, and that’s the part of me I’ve been tapping into.  I’m looking at how I can really nurture myself so that what I have to offer the world comes from a place of good energy and high vibes, in spite of everything. 

I hope this helps you too if you find yourself in the eye of the storm.

Clare Honeyfield is an author and accredited master coach working with women in ethical business to help them to overcome procrastination and self-sabotage to grow their enterprise. 

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