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Councillors and local Muslim community leaders share preview of ‘Unreflected Reflections’


Stroud District Council staff and members marked the council’s progress to combat Islamophobia at the preview of a film which is being screened as part of Stroud Film Festival on Saturday, 18 March at the Trinity Centre, Stroud.

‘Unreflected Reflections: A Short Documentary on the Muslim community of Gloucester’ shows one man’s journey from Birmingham to Gloucester and how this led to the development of how a small community grew around the Friendship Café in Gloucester.

Producer Ismail Kholwadia introduced the film, which was accompanied by a photographic exhibition of Muslim elders and locations. Members of the Muslim community and representatives from organisations, including mend (Muslim Engagement and Development) and Community Solidarity Stroud District, were also invited.

Councillor Natalie Bennett, Chair of Stroud District Council’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, said the screening was a wonderful way to engage with a local minority group: 
“Stroud District Council aims to continue to build positive relationships with the Muslim community and welcomes any opportunity to work together to showcase the important contributions its members make to the local area.”     

Event organiser, Cllr Robin Drury Layfield added:
“It is now almost a year since Stroud District Council adopted the All Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims’ Definition of Islamophobia as ‘rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness’, along with a commitment to raising awareness and community engagement.

“It is fitting that we marked the UN International Day to Combat Islamophobia (March 15), with this presentation and discussion of how the council can do more to promote awareness and recognition of the communities that play an important role in our district and across the county.”

SDC’s Council Plan makes a firm commitment to community engagement and inclusion. Stroud District Council champions equality and is one of 40 councils across the United Kingdom that formally recognise Islamophobia as a form of racism. 

Stroud District Council has four appointed EDI Member Champions: Cllr Natalie Bennett, Cllr Norman Kay, Cllr Gil Oxley and Cllr Robin Drury Layfield.

A screening of Unreflected Reflections: A Short Documentary on the Muslim Community of Gloucester will be held at Stroud Film Festival on Saturday 18 March from 5:00 – 7:00pm. 

To find out more and to book your tickets visit: https://www.stroudfilmfestival.org/events-2023/unreflected-reflections

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