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Creating audio adventure for families


Aurora Theatre is a new Stroud-based company, set up by artist Lucy Cassidy, to create theatrical experiences for children.

Lucy’s extensive work as an internationally celebrated artist has often brought her to look at how our imaginations and technology can work together to create something extraordinary.

Aurora and The Society for the Protection of Magical Creatures have been working with the Museum in the Park and Stratford Park to create an Audio Adventure for families. Using geolocated treasure spots, the children will go on the hunt for items left by the Magical Creatures believed to live in the park. The technology means that the children run around to trigger the sound, they do not need to look at a screen to explore, in fact, we are encouraging them to look closely, at the ground, at nooks in trees, and up at the sky.

The piece has been developed alongside children and families who have helped us test out not only the technology, but the best hiding places, as well as the items in the museum which the Magical Creatures are most likely to borrow.

Aurora is now inviting families to test out this adventure and see if they can help us find evidence of the magical creatures in the park. Taking place on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th February, tickets are free and each booking slot is for one family group.

Adults and children experience this theatrical treasure hunt in pairs, sharing a smartphone with headphones: bring your own or borrow some at the museum. No tech skills are necessary.  

Tickets can be booked HERE

The project has kindly been supported using public funding by Arts Council England, Museum in the Park and Stroud Town Council.

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