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Do you remember the Stroud snow of January 1982?


On this day 40 years ago, Stroud woke up to a deluge of snow and freezing conditions of minus 20.

Stroud Times’ reader Brenda Hitchins sent these pictures in of her home and garden covered in deep snow, with Henry the kitten enjoying a play in the white stuff.

“I remember the day well,” said Brenda. “We had to dig a trench up our driveway and we couldn’t get the car out for days. My teenage son enjoyed his time off school.”

20220113 093922 01 | Do you remember the Stroud snow of January 1982?
Henry the kitten enjoys a play in the snow, back in January 1982

Do you have any pictures of the big snow of 1982? Send your pictures to Matt@stroudtimes.com

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