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Driving forward: Nailsworth Transport Festival


Nailsworth’s Transport Festival on Sunday, June 25, will not only be a chance to glory in vehicles through the ages; it will also be an opportunity to put forward views about the future of transport.

NailsworthCAN, the town’s climate action group, will be there to discuss ideas on everything from e-bike and car chargers to electric public transport.

“One of the key issues we want to talk about is air quality. Nailsworth centre is like a bowl that collects air pollution from petrol and diesel vehicles, and this has health implications for all of us. We will share some data on the air quality in and around Nailsworth,” said Dr Richard Erskine.

“The UK’s Committee on Climate Change has shown that the most efficient way for us to stop burning fossil fuels, and get to net zero by 2050 or before, is to electrify almost all energy use, but particularly road transport (with EVs) and heating (using heat pumps). No new petrol/diesel cars will be sold in the UK after 2035. So we will have experts present to talk about the benefits, and dispel some of the myths surrounding these technologies.”

Nailsworth electric car-owners will be on hand, with vehicles of all sizes, to share experiences and answer questions. 

There will be a number of stalls for local vendors, such as EDEMO with their e-Bikes; Cotswold Energy Group featuring heat pumps; and Solar PV (PhotoVoltaic). Mercedes will be showing some of its new EV models.

Running from 10.30am until 8pm, the festival will take over the bus station and environs with a vintage car and bike show, food stalls, music, dancing, vintage games and much more.

There’ll be lots for children, including their own mini electric cars to try, games and face-painting.

Many of the town’s shops will be open in the morning. And there’s a shuttle bus running all day from Avening Road up to Forest Green and back.

Organiser Sarah Martin, of Nailsworth Chamber of Trade and Commerce, said: “It will be a fantastic, free day out for families, for people who live in the town, and for visitors from further away. Our aim is also to demonstrate what a fabulous place Nailsworth is.”

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