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Festive image into final round of prestigious photography awards


A freelance photographer has made it through to the final round of a prestigious national competition.

Paul Nicholls, based in Hardwicke, has had an image selected for the UK Picture Editors Guild Awards – and is seeking Stroud Times readers’ support in the public vote.

“It’s the first time I have entered this competition and I am really honoured to be a finalist amongst some of the greatest photographers in the UK and abroad,” said Paul.

Paul Nicholls | Festive image into final round of prestigious photography awards
Paul Nicholls celebrating after winning in the Off to Work Event Photography Awards last year.

The picture shows Father Christmas – Mel Glass, a private cycling instructor, cycling past Sandy Hale on his penny-farthing bicycle bringing Christmas cheer to Gloucester and cycling around the ‘Rainbow Square’ in St Kilda Parade.

“Thanks to Mel Glass for turning my idea into reality, and the fantastic Tash Frootko who is single handed turning Gloucester into one of the most colourful cities in the UK. I am always trying to portray positivity in Gloucestershire, and I think I achieved this in this image.

“There are some amazing images in the final and they are voted for by the public, so if Father Christmas riding his penny farthing down Rainbow Square accompanied by a lady on a mobility scooter floats your boat then please vote for me. If it makes you smile I am also a winner.”

You can vote for Paul’s picture here: UK Picture Editors’ Guild Awards 2023 (imago-images.de)

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