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Fitness MOT empowers over 55s


Jim’s Gym, led by founder James Hilton, is excited to announce the launch of the Fitness MOT (Mobility Optimisation Tune-Up), an initiative designed to help individuals over 55 embrace a more active lifestyle.  

James, a specialist in biomechanics and injury recovery from the Cotswolds, owns Jim’s Gym, a virtual online space supporting people over 55 to lead a more active life. Earlier this year, James opened his own private studio in his hometown Stroud to be able to offer in-person personal training.  

The Fitness MOT provides a practical and accessible way for people to assess their fitness levels and overcome the common barriers to exercise. 

Participants can book a free 1:1 session with James at his private studio in Stroud, or complete the MOT at home using a downloadable guide from his website. 

“My mission has always been to help people over 55 bridge the gap between knowing they need to be more active and actually doing it. I don’t believe those skills should necessarily come at a cost” says James.  

James has long recognised that while many people understand the benefits of staying active, turning that knowledge into action can be difficult. Factors such as fear of injury, lack of time, and uncertainty about where to begin often stand in the way. The Fitness MOT addresses these issues head-on, offering a clear and supportive path to better health. 

“The Fitness MOT is more than just understanding the benefits of exercise; it’s about overcoming the hurdles that often get in the way.” 

The Fitness MOT is a series of quick, easy, and free at-home tests that measure current fitness levels across key areas such as strength, balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. Participants need only a chair, comfortable trainers, a pen and paper (or a printout of the MOT sheet), and a timer.  

The Fitness MOT provides several significant benefits. First, it offers a personalised benchmark, allowing participants to understand their current abilities and track their progress over time. Second, it provides motivation and encouragement, as seeing improvements, no matter how small, can be incredibly inspiring. Third, the results of the MOT enable tailored guidance from James, ensuring that participants receive recommendations that are specific to their needs. 

After completing the Fitness MOT, participants can book a call with James to discuss their results. During this consultation, he will help define individual goals, offer personalised guidance, and suggest ways to make exercise a sustainable and enjoyable part of daily life. 

Jim’s Gym is dedicated to promoting health and wellness among the over-55 community. Founded by fitness enthusiast James Hilton, the gym offers a range of programs designed to support individuals in leading healthier, more active lives. 

Participants can sign up to take the Fitness MOT from Monday 1st July and will be available throughout the summer.  Took book a Fitness MOT or download the free guide, please visit: https://www.jameshilton.fitness/  

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