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From Grandpa’s Dust to Wham Bam, Slaw Dropper


Two Stroud-based foodies have launched a brand-new range of products to target the sauce, rubs, and pickles market.

James Horwood & James Moinet, who are best known as the brains behind highly successful Kitchen Garden Foods & Wolfys, have now launched their new range – NAFF.

James Horwood, the co-founder of NAFF, said: “NAFF is all about hand-made, high-quality products with impactful flavour. We recognised that there is increased demand for unique and punchy relishes, pickles, rubs, and sauces so we decided to create something to explore that.

“We’ve used all of the knowledge and expertise from Kitchen Garden to create something completely new, bold & brave.”

Horwood added: “We really wanted to bring something different to the market, and it’s a crowded market so we needed to make sure our branding and tone is disruptive and stand-out – but most importantly the products are good.

“NAFF is about making cool products, enjoying decent food, supporting independent business, and generally just having some fun. It gives us the opportunity to be ourselves, collaborate with other producers, and create awesome things that’ll really push the boundaries.”

James Moinet, (co-founder) whose late aunt Barbara founded Kitchen Garden 32 years ago, said: “NAFF is a really exciting new venture for us and the feedback so far has been overwhelming! We (Kitchen Garden) have been making multi-award-winning products for over thirty years and so we’ve taken all of that expertise and pretty much flipped it on its head.

“It’s a real opportunity for us to create some amazing products that wouldn’t work under our existing brands while giving us the freedom and flexibility to push the boundaries. We’d been talking about the idea for some years, but during the Pandemic lockdown, we decided to really give it a push. And, it’s still very much a family affair with Barbara’s son, Olly Moinet, working with us on the incredible branding.”

Moinet added: “We’ve launched with 12 products with loads more already developed and ready to add to the range over the coming months. I can’t wait.”

From Grandpa’s Dust to Wham Bam, Slaw Dropper to Big Eddies, NAFF’s expanding range of hot sauces, rubs, seasonings, pickles & relishes are set to hit the shelves of deli’s, stalls & food outlets all around the UK.

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