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Georgia’s epic swimming challenge


Georgia Horsell, 24, will be swimming the width of the English Channel to fundraise for not-for-profit organisation, This Ends Now

The 33-kilometre swim will take place over 61 days, in a 16-metre pool meaning that Georgia will be swimming an average of 34 lengths every day for two months straight.

Plus-sized athlete Georgia balances working in an accountancy firm with studying for a Master’s degree and creating social media content for This Ends Now, a volunteer role she’s had since October 2023.

She said: “I’m taking this challenge on for a couple of reasons. Firstly, This Ends Now is an amazing organisation working to end misogyny and male violence against women. I’m incredibly proud to volunteer for them.”

“Secondly, this swim is about defying expectations. As a plus-size woman, I’ve rarely seen myself reflected in the fitness world, especially on social media. The constant barrage of slim bodies reinforces the misconception that larger people are lazy or incapable. There’s a part of me that wonders if I can even complete this challenge, thanks to years of internalised fatphobia. This swim is my chance to prove wrong those voices, both inside and outside myself.  I want to show everyone that you can be strong and capable at any size.”

This Ends Now aims to end misogyny and male violence against women and girls through engaging and educational campaigns and training.

Georgia will also be documenting her journey on Instagram and you can donate to Georgia’s fundraiser by visiting: https://donorbox.org/this-ends-now/fundraiser/georgia-horsell

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