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Going green in Stroud


Moving from the hustle-bustle of London, to the ‘green business centre’ of Stroud, ReforestHosting has moved its company to be in the community. 

“We pride ourselves on being a values-driven business, so Stroud felt like a natural fit for us. With a strong sense of community, and us being based locally, it was instinctual to move the business from London, to Stroud.” said co-founder, Bethan Unsworth. 

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ReforestHosting is a green hosting company. Running on 100% renewable energy and planting trees for every service, they endeavour to help businesses to increase their impact whilst minimising their emissions. Hosting a range of websites, their services are balance-loaded and use energy-saving practices in a bid to be as resource-responsible and eco-friendly as possible; whilst providing quality and affordable business services. 

To celebrate aligning their values with their location, ReforestHosting are offering a discount to local businesses, with the code STROUD30. Take advantage of this 30% discount, at

ReforestHosting green | Going green in Stroud

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