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Help Molly make film dream a reality


Molly Wise, an award-winning writer/director based in Stroud, has just started Crowdfunding for a new film set around the 17th Century English Witch Trials. 

Stroud has always been linked to classic British folklore and history. It is part of what makes the town feel so unique. This connection is what partly inspired Molly to write this film, titled “Trust Thy  Sister.” 

After winning awards at Stockholm City, Brooklyn Sci-Fi, and Catfish Shorts Film Festival for her previous film, Molly has started fundraising to make this new production a reality.  

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It is estimated that 90% of the people killed during the English Witch Trials were women. Speaking on her research into the subject, Molly commented “People were encouraged to accuse each other of witchcraft – giving up another “witch” could be the only thing that would save you. It was the  choice between sentencing your neighbour to death, or being executed yourself.” 

It’s this threat that fuels the narrative of “Trust Thy Sister” which sees three women forced down the rabbit hole of hysteria and paranoia as they each suspect the other of witchcraft. 

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The Crowdfunder for “Trust Thy Sister” is currently live, getting the film’s team closer to their goal of completing their story.  

“We’ve all put in a huge amount of work, and we can’t wait to see it come to life.” Said producer,  Thomas Allen. “We really are lucky to have such a creative and dedicated team.”  

To support “Trust Thy Sister,” visit the Crowdfunder page at  


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