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How a mortgage broker can help you find the best mortgage deal


Most people assume that getting a mortgage means heading straight to a bank or building society, but did you know that the High Street lenders can only offer their mortgages and don’t have access to every mortgage deal available on the market? 

For most of us, a mortgage is our biggest financial commitment, so it makes sense that finding a better mortgage rate could save you money each year. If you’d shop around for the best TV or mobile deal, then why wouldn’t you do the same for your mortgage?

Not only could you be missing out on the best mortgage option for your needs, but it could also mean the difference between securing a mortgage or being declined. 

The problem is that it’s not always clear where to look. To search every mortgage from every lender, and keep pace with changing rates on a daily basis, is a near impossible task. 

That’s where a mortgage broker comes in

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Based in the Stroud branch of The Property Centre, Gemma Gage is an independent mortgage broker, working with the Mortgage Advice Bureau. She has access to a sourcing system, updated daily, which allows her to search over 12,000 mortgages deals from 90+ lenders – many of these are deals that aren’t even available to High Street lenders.

The benefits of using a mortgage broker

Save yourself money – Gemma’s aim is to ensure you never pay a lender more than you need to. She’ll do this by assessing your current financial situation and offering you a range of products, not just one or two. If one lender rejects your application, Gemma can try others.

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Save yourself time – life is busy, so appointments are available during the evenings and weekends, either face-to-face or over the phone. No need for you to spend weeks doing your own research. With access to a sourcing system which is updated on a daily basis, Gemma Gage can search through 12,000 mortgages with just one click.

Dealing with the application – once you’ve decided which mortgage you want, you can leave the rest to the mortgage administration team at The Property Centre. They’ll manage the whole application process for you which means you don’t waste time filling out paperwork and can focus on what really matters to you – whether that’s planning the move or shopping for a new sofa.

How do I book an appointment?

Gemma has appointments available within a few days, meaning no-one is better placed to help find the right mortgage to suit you and your circumstances.

If you’re looking to buy your first home, move house or remortgage, and you want mortgage advice that’s honest, trustworthy and friendly, book an appointment with Gemma Gage at The Property Centre in Stroud today to take your first step towards homeownership.

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