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‘I am proud to support Rishi’ – MP’s pledge to new prime minister


The MP for Stroud insists Rishi Sunak has her “absolute backing” as the country’s new prime minister.

Siobhan Baillie pledged her support to Mr Sunak as the new Conservative party leader met King Charles III to become the leader of the nation.

She said: “I think Rishi is the unity candidate who will command a powerful government and give credibility to economic decisions at this crucial time.

“I have been impressed by him for years. He is excellent to work with and I supported him throughout the summer. Rishi enjoyed coming to Uley to meet local party members too. 

“He has big challenges ahead but he has the talent and the experience to deliver for the country. The focus on political personalities in the main parties and drama has to stop as he has said already. People want to see parliament get on with the mandate we were given.

Rishi Sunak spoke to Conservative Party members at a private event near Uley.
Rishi Sunak. Picture: Matt Bigwood.

“There is no question that we are heading towards a very difficult financial budget given the national and international constraints. Rishi’s support for the country in times of crisis and for international challenges like Ukraine is well known, as is his economic plan to pave the way for future growth and tax cuts.

“The Conservative party is a broad church inclusive party that has now ensured we have women Prime Ministers and a young British Asian PM while the Labour Party constantly puts forward middle-aged white men. It is also significant that the fact the UK will have its first British Asian Prime Minister today is a positive thing but is not commented on as much as where his shoes come from. 

It’s a big day in many ways and a turning point too. I am proud to support Rishi.”

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