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Keeping women safe in Stroud


Stroud MP Siobhan Baillie spent an evening with a group that works tirelessly to ensure women on a night out are safe in the town centre.

Ms Baillie met up with the Night Angels for a night shift after an invitation from founder Chrissie Lowery.

The Night Angels was formed just before Christmas 2023 by Chrissie to coincide with the opening of nightclub Trio in Stroud. It works to protect local women and girls.

The volunteers go on regular patrols around the town centre on every Friday and Saturday to help ensure female safety. They can escort people home and are also able to provide first aid.

Chrissie is a well-known women’s safety campaigner. She also set up Safe Space in 2022 after a series of sexual assaults in Stroud. Safe Space is a network of shops and businesses in Stroud that provide a safe space for women if they feel unsafe.

“I had a night on the town like no other with these brilliant angels making sure women and girls in need got help and support to ensure they were safe on our streets,” said Ms Baillie.

“Volunteering like this is so important. It helps out the police and the community and gives confidence for women to go out into the night time economy and have fun.

“Stroud is a safe place but there are incidents too. So, the Angels are an extra layer of help and they are very welcome and well-known across the town centre. 

“I loved my time on patrol and I am so grateful for the invitation and the chance to see the work they do. Stroud is a good night out and I now have an understanding of some of the challenges. They always need more members so please think about joining them.”

Angels team lead Ceri Gardener: said: “It was great to have Siobhan shadow our shift from start to finish, and for her to see the range of support we can offer.  

“Whilst patrolling we pointed out a key area of concern in the town, which we hope Siobhan will help to make safer.”

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